Inaugural post with WordPress

After trying and failing to find a way to remove advertisement from Spaces blog, trying a new home here with WordPress. One would imagine that MSFT employees working on Windows Live should be able to use Live Spaces for blogging related to work (instead of the MSDN blogs) and that advertisements can be removed for this purpose. After all if you are printing your blog URL on a business card and expect professional contacts to visit that space, the last thing the space requires is information on treating nail infections. But that assumption is incorrect as the only way to remove banner ads from an MSN blog is signing for MSN Premium, another MSFT service. Spaces team did not have a process for tracking blogs for employees and perhaps it would have been difficult to manage that group when considering 1000+ potential users.

Assuming the initial experiences with WordPress prove positive, all the content from Random Oracle will be moved here going forward.

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