Environmentally friendly spam

This must be the reductio ad absurdum of eco-consciousness. After organic-this, Energy-star that here comes unsolicited email extolling the benefits of biofuels. AutoBlogGreen reports a bizarre incident where one of the bloggers received 2 copies of the same message singing the praises of biodiesel. Quote:

“Biodiesel is a safe alternative fuel. Biodiesel has a higher flash point than regular diesel. It is classified as non-flammable by the NFPA, and is not required to carry a Hazardous Material label when being shipped.”

All true and this is where the standard spam message would urge the reader (“hurry, only for short time!”) to snatch up shares in some dubious enterprise ready to capitalize on the said great technology. Except the mail quoted in its entirety does not name a single company or website. Hopefully spammers have not taken to distributing public service announcements for free.


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