Comcast support– diagnostic rituals 2/3

Day #2: After failing to show up on the appointed day, Comcast unilaterally “reschedules” to Thursday.

(Note: the following sequence of events can only be inferred from first-hand experience of the resulting destruction afterwards, as the blogger was not present during this stage.)

Friendly support representative shows up this time. Unable to diagnose the problem with broadband speed, he tries a series of rituals and incantations instead. First up is the usual “power cycle everything” trick where devices are unplugged and replugged in all possible sequences on the chance that one of them will trigger the correct sequence of events– that or spark the electronics inside. Next the cable modem/wireless router combination is moved upstairs to a different cable outlet, in case that one happens to have the magic pixie dust required for reliable broadband. No dice.

Why the wireless router? Fair queston and a different technician the next day insisted that they never touch customer owned wireless networks and only diagnose using a CAT5 cable to the modem directly. So the first support person was not even following their own stated policy. After failing to get any broadband working, a different problem is tacked: the case of the DVR that refuses to record. That would the Comcast provided Motorola DVR/cable-box installed by the original crew.

The DVR is not healed but the TV acquires a series of new cables hanging out of it. The blogger arrives to discover an all-in-five RGB component video cable plus analog audio cable, as well as an DVI-to-HDMI conversion cable. Apparently at one point nothing was working, no image on TV etc. and new connections were tried between the cable-box and TV.

After 4 hours, at least cable picture is restored. Internet access appears to be completely toast. This is actually a step backwards because the previous day evening at least there was intermittent but slow connectivity.



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