Buffalo Technology is latest target of IP litigation

Visitors looking for wireless products on the Buffalo Tech. website will instead see this message:

Regrettably, the Court of Appeals has decided not to stay the injunction in the CSIRO v. Buffalo et al litigation during the appeal period. Although Buffalo is confident that the final decision in the appeal will be favorable and that the injunction will be lifted, Buffalo is presently unable to supply wireless LAN equipment compliant with IEEE 802.11a and 802.11g standards in the United States until that decision is issued.

Fortunately this does not impact customers who already bought devices. Manuals and firmware updates are still available even for the verboten product lines. Interesting enough the injunction only covers A and G devices so a pure draft-N router would still qualify in principle. But since all the draft-N routers also have A/B/G support for backwards compatibility, this stops Buffalo from shipping any wireless product for all intents and purposes. It’s not clear what the impact on the company will be. They have a diversified line of products including external drives, network-attached storage and even multimedia but the current litigation might even affect some of those devices such as wireless print servers.


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