Macbook Pro frustrations

  1. Unreliable coming out of hibernation: occasionally a blank black screen after opening the laptop. Power button has no effect, as does the rest of the keyboard. Closing the lid, re-opening and then hitting power button brings back the unlock screen.
  2. It gets worse from there: occasionally the password prompt never appears, instead there is the endless spinning cursor suggesting the UI is blocked on something. The first attempt to unlock the screen by typing enter after the password has no effect: the dialog box remains, with the password highlighted this time. Pressing enter again– on the exact same masked password– unlocks the screen.
  3. Problems associating to draft 802.11N networks. There are general usability problems in connecting to any wireless network: the wireless icon that lists available networks is very slow to respond, has difficulty locating networks etc. Draft-N appears to pose particular problems because it will not automatically re-associate after coming out of hibernation– something it has no problem doing on ordinary B/G networks. Instead it prompts with the same question about joining a random open network because no trusted networks could be found. Maybe try harder next  time?
  4. For that matter the entire user-experience around wireless needs tweaking. The top right-hand corner icon which opens the menu listing all detected access points is very slow. Occasionally the menu freezes, again suggesting that the code is getting stuck somewhere in the depths of the 802.11 stack.
  5. FileVault prompt during restart: informs the user each time that FileVault, the file-system encryption feature on OS-X, is taking up too much space, some of this can be reclaimed, proceed/cancel etc. “Reboot” means reboot without lame questions.


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